Physics-Based Flowmap Painter for Unreal

Physics-Based Flowmap Painter for Unreal

VFX Artist Thomas Harle has released his in-engine physics-based Flowmap Painter on the Unreal Marketplace.

First, if you want to about the whole idea behind flow maps, make sure to check out this in-depth explanation from the artist:

“A quick breakdown of what flowmaps are and a demo of how the flowmap node works in Unreal and then how to set up your own material to use Vertex Colours to paint the direction of flow directly in engine.”

The tool will let you paint your own Flowmaps in the engine to create realistic looking Water Materials.

The artist describes his project as a dynamic and very easy to use tool that paints flow maps in real time. Below you can find a little demo to find out how it works.


  • Physics Ball Flowmap Painter
  • Physics Ball Spawner
  • Number of Blueprints: 2

Basically, the tool can help you set up really nice-looking water flows in Unreal. You can learn more and get the pack here. Discuss the tool in the comments.


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