RealToon Shader for Unity
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Oh shit!

by S.K.O
11 hours ago

VUE without competition

by John
11 hours ago

Can you please give us a walkthrough how to implement this into Maya? would be super helpful. Thanks a lot.

RealToon Shader for Unity
15 May, 2019

Have a look at an Anime Shader for Unity what will make your characters and objects look something from anime films. The shader is meant for games, films, animations, scenes, and other projects. You can now get the pack with a 50% discount.


– Smooth Object Normal: 

  • Smooth object normal for better or clean shading.

– Self Shadow: 

  • Adjust Size/Threshold and Hardness without using any texture

– Normal Map: 

  • For more details or to override the object’s normal.

– FReflection: 

  • Use images/textures as reflection.
  • Can also adjust the size and position
  • This is not a matcap style reflection or cubemap.

– Outline:

  • Can change the Color and Width
  • With noise/distort outline for sketch style outline and dynamic
  • You can choose to use outline or leave without outline

– Gloss (Texture) (Custom Gloss): 

  • Use images/textures as gloss
  • Can choose to follow light position & object rotation

– ShadowT (Texture):

  • Gradient or Flat based shadow/shade

– RealToon Refraction: 

  • Anime/cartoon style glass, ice, liquid, etc.

– More

Other Features:

  • Use Directional Light and Point & Spotlight or multiple lights at the same time without problems and maintain anime/cartoon-style shadow color & brightness.
  • Fully color shadow and maintain light falloff
  • Fog affects Outline
  • Receive GI with Flat/Smooth shade & Skylight/Environment Light
  • Do baked/real-time reflection.
  • Can use patterned textures for manga/comics

You can learn more about the features here.


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lol, standart toon looks more anime

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