ShaderMap 4.2 Available
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ShaderMap 4.2 Available
3 February, 2019

Rendering Systems has released ShaderMap 4.2 which now features a new Map Input Filter, allowing users to adjust the hue/saturation or greyscale conversion weights of the images used as inputs for maps.

The new filter is said to replace the old Input Channel selection on most maps. Users of the Pro edition can also use support for specular-glossiness workflows for generating PBR materials, with new Diffuse to Gloss and Diffuse to Specular Color maps.

For those of you unfamiliar with the tool, ShaderMap is an image texture and map generator for 3D artists. It lets artists generate maps from source images, 3D models and light scan photo stacks. “Each map is generated by a plugin. There are a number of default map plugins provided with the ShaderMap installation including: displacement from diffuse, albedo from diffuse, normal from displacement, ambient occlusion from 3D model, displacement from 3D model, normal from normal, and more,” states the description.

The tool would cost you $49 for the first seat, then $29 per additional seat. You can learn more here.

The goal of the ClearCut courses is to teach you a solid workflow that is used in the AAA game industry. The first episode covers the process of creating an AAA fire hydrant from start to finish.

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