SIGGRAPH: Believability in Procedural Modelling
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by Ketki Jadhav
11 hours ago

I really like how you've articulated your entire process. This was a very enriching read. A Well deserved feature!

Great article! Thanks for the awesome read.

Wow, this is so cool! Nice job!

SIGGRAPH: Believability in Procedural Modelling
8 August, 2017

Here is a great starting point for developers willing to dive into the procedural world. SideFX shared a recording of a session by Anastasia Opara on the key points of procedural modeling.  

Humans, are great pattern recognition machines, who face astonishing amount of complexity on a daily basis. We are so good at dealing with it, that we do not directly register how exactly this happens, yet when something is off, we immediately ‘feel’ it. Procedural modelling is, in a way, like painting, where complexity emerges from the interaction of simple rules. Thus, we can achieve great intricacy and believability from layering the simplest rules if we analyse correctly our own thought patterns.


Want to more? You can get more tips and tricks on the procedural way in our interview with Anastasia

Source: SideFX

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