Substance Designer 6.0 Available
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Very interesting! Thank you Valery for such a useful review of your work!

I found your blog to be very informative. I am very happy to read your blog it's very useful to me.

by Tomasz Wikliński
10 hours ago

Great stuff. And many thanks for those tuts by Jason! They helped me a lot.

Substance Designer 6.0 Available
15 February, 2017
Allegorithmic has released Substance Designer 6 with new filters dedicated to scan processing for creating clean, ready-to-use tiling materials adapted to photogrammetry. The newest version also introduces Curve Node, Text Node and 32-bit floating point compositing. The bakers have been upgraded to support up to 8K bakes and non-uniform (non-square) ratios. 

Scan Processing

With New Scan Processing nodes you can create accurate scanned materials from a set of pre-lit photos. To get the materials you’ll need a camera (or even a phone), a tripod and a flashlight or LED strip. Use 4 or 8 photos with varying lighting, crop and feed them to the Scan Processor.

The filters will cross check the different photos and extract a pure albedo as well as an incredibly detailed normal map or height map, no tweaking required. It works even with shiny materials or metals!

No photogrammetry pipeline would be complete without a proper method for making materials seamless. The new Smart Auto Tile node analyzes the features of each channel of the material and finds the best way to cut and stitch together the maps to eliminate seams in a realistic way without cutting through important elements of the material.

Curve Node

With the Curve node you can define a curve profile to remap color data. The node can be used for the definition of exotic forms like wood molding, heightmap creation or colorimetric correction.

Some examples of the work with the Curve Node by Nikola Damjanov and Ben Wilson.

Text Node

The Text node features effect filters like glow, drop shadow, and outline. The text input can also be exposed for dynamic changes in integrations.

Dave Nicholls
Käy Vriend
Johnny Malcolm
Examples from beta testers.


The bakers introduce 4 new features:

  • Bake by material/texture set as in Substance Painter, limiting the hassle when your scene contains multiple materials.
  • The bake limit has been pushed to 8K (and will be pushed even further in a future update).
  • The X/Y ratio can be unlocked for non-uniform (non-square) baking.
  • You can (finally) cancel the baking process before it finishes 🙂

You can find more information on Substance Designer 6 here


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Allegorithmic has really revolutionised the game texturing and it’s approach.