Substance Designer: Free Roof Tile Breakdown
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Substance Designer: Free Roof Tile Breakdown
25 July, 2017

Hard surface artist James Ritossa has shared a free breakdown of how he created his roof tiles in Substance Designer. It’s not a step-by-step tutorial, but you can still learn something from it.

There are two options here:

Option 1 (free): 1 video breaking down the artist’s process of procedural material creation.

Option 2 ($5): video breaking down the artist’s process of procedural material creation and a SBS file to follow along.

If you need the normal to roughness substance node, you can find it here.

This substance can be used for commercial work, but not resold or redistributed without prior permission. 

Get the breakdown

Source: Gumroad

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Thanks for sharing! I had no idea this got posted up here lol!