Substance Fundamentals: Voronoi Cells and Shapes
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Thank you for noticing, alfred, we've swapped them

Substance Fundamentals: Voronoi Cells and Shapes
15 August, 2018

Daniel Thiger has released the third part of his Substance Fundamentals series. The new one focuses on generating a variety of Voronoi cell patterns which will help you build better organic materials.

Tutorials in my Fundamentals series are resource videos that demonstrate how to learn SD from the ground up. They show the core lessons that I have learned in my own journey. Each tutorial contains multiple examples, where I’ll be building from scratch, and narrating each step along the way.

We will look in-depth into how to generate a variety of Voronoi cell patterns. We’ll learn how to utilize these patterns with several essential nodes, including the powerful Flood Fill node. Understanding how to create these patterns is extremely useful when building organic materials. Combined with the Flood Fill node, you will learn how to build natural shapes efficiently. We’ll also learn how to create utility nodes to speed up your workflow. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to build natural looking rock formations.

Daniel Thiger 


  • 60+ minutes
  • 1080 Resolution

You can get more details here.

Get the pack for $15

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