The Future of In-Game Content with AMD ProRender
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Thank you for noticing, alfred, we've swapped them

The Future of In-Game Content with AMD ProRender
22 July, 2018

Rens has presented a mind-blowing 8K image created with the help of AMD Radeon ProRender for 3Ds Max. This is the future of in-game content achieved with Raytracing. 

The first image in a series of 8K renders using AMD RadeonPro Render for 3Ds Max to help visualize what my in-game content can look like when using Raytracing. It is a visual target, reference to help bring the current quality of the game up and plan for the future use of real-time Raytracing.


This new ProRender functionality, which was originally revealed back in March, is focused mainly on game and graphical development as opposed to an initiative angled for real-time ray tracing in shipping games. 


For Radeon ProRender AMD is said to bring support for mixing real-time ray-tracing with traditional rasterization for greater computational speed. The thing is that the future will bring photorealism benefits of ray tracing without the high computational costs. Basically, you can get that by limiting the use of ray tracing to where it’s necessary so that it can be done in real-time alongside a rasterizer. 

What are your thoughts on the whole situation? Are you excited?

Source: ArtStation

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I Dontgetit
I Dontgetit

Yeah ok another closeup render of some Megascan plants, only this time it’s 8k resolution. I’m not seeing the point of all of this, even when a video is shown, it’s all camera tracks so it looks pre-rendered anyway. Doesn’t help anyone understand what’s going on with these.