The Influences of ‘The Last Guardian’
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Michael Allar here. Thanks a bunch for posting this, I really appreciate it. I'm also the guy who wrote that Confessions article that was posted here on 80.lvl as well.

The Influences of 'The Last Guardian'
12 December, 2016
Eurogamer published a great new piece, devoted to architecture in The Last Guardian. Its author Gareth Damian Martin discussed some of the pecularities of Fumito Ueda’s style and the influences, which shaped his work.




The Last Guardian has some of the most amazing art a game could have. You can get the artbook with the collector’s edition.

The Last Guardian follows the similar approach to level design, which made ICO and Shadow of The colossus so awesome. There’s a bunch of towering buildings, open areas, and huge architectural elements. Gareth finds similarities to the Aztec, Rajasthan, Teotihuacan architecture.

Still, the one biggest reference and inspiration remains the same for ICO and The Last Guardian – the works of Giorgio De Chirico. It’s the very dream-like art of De Chirico, that makes Ueda’s new game feel so magical.


Giorgio de Chirico Melancholia, 1916 The Menil Collection, Houston Photo: Hickey-Robertson, Houston

Giorgio De Chirico and his amazing works!


Another point of reference are the works of Gerard Tringac. The influence of this artist could be noticed in the way architecture was shaped in The Last Guardian. With all the windows, spaces and intricate details.






The art of Gerard Tringac. More stuff here.

The last biggest influence is Francesco Piranesi and his series Imaginary Prisons. These amazing paintings do look like a lot of the levels in the game.






To learn more about these influences – read the original article.

Author: Kirill Tokarev

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