Tutorial: Reducing Polygon Count in Houdini
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by Marvin Washington
2 hours ago

Awesome breakdown. Good designers often have similar processes.

Found it here: https://exoside.com/quadremesher/, just in case anyone else is looking for it.

The link at the end is pointing back to the article. Couldn't find the Quad Remesher and I would really love to test it.

Tutorial: Reducing Polygon Count in Houdini
11 July, 2019

Neil Bettison has shared a quick video tutorial on a cool Houdini modifier that will let you save time on retopology.

“We are now closer than ever to an automated way to retopologise topology, and this is yet another step closer. Personally, I find Houdini’s retopology tool simpler to use than ZRemesher from Zbrush,” wrote the artist.

The video discusses Houdini’s powerful poly-reduce tool that helps reduce the 3D model’s polygon count in a quick and easy way. The artist showed how to retopologise a model in seconds using just Houdini.

You can find other guides from the artist here.

The goal of the ClearCut courses is to teach you a solid workflow that is used in the AAA game industry. The first episode covers the process of creating an AAA fire hydrant from start to finish.

Any future updates are included and will be available for download in case they are released. Next episodes are not included.

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NazzarenoKimseriously? Recent comment authors

Can it produce quads, too?


It’s not shown in the video, but there is an option in the Poly Reduce node to keep Quads and it does a marvelous job keeping intact the original shape decreasing geometry in the areas whereis not needed. Unfortunately the Poly Reduce node only keeps quads if the input mesh is already quad based.
In order to get quads from non quad geometries you need to try the Voxel node.


This clearly deserved an article…

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