Unity Deals: Kits for Building 3D Cities

Check out 5 Unity packs with environment details for creating a city scene in cyberpunk, futuristic, or dark styles. 

1. CiDy 2

Grab a city designer from Reckless Games Studio. The tool works within Unity’s Scene View and creates procedural roads, intersections, and sidewalks. With the designer, you can work on the city blocks, building placements, and street details.

CiDy is integrated with Unity Terrain and blends the CiDy to Unity terrains.

2. Complete City Pack

Check out an asset compilation for the production of a Modern City scene. All models are low poly and optimized to work on different mobile platforms.

Pack details:

  • 29 Modern Buildings
  • 32 Classical buildings
  • 52 Props
  • 10 Vegetation pieces
  • 1 Custom Made Scene with 4 Seasons variation
  • 4 Skyboxes
  • 30 Banners

3. Cyberpunk - Cyber City

Get a full modular pack for creating a realistic cyberpunk-inspired scene.

What’s inside:

  • 5 wheeled cars (black, white, red, green, metallic);
  • walls, windows, doors with swappable materials;
  • operating scripts for neon, robots, etc.;
  • simple route system for robots (physics-based);
  • advertisement posters;
  • showcases sets (swappable materials and props) - shops;
  • swappable showcase materials;
  • swappable showcase glass materials;
  • road works props and signs;
  • street food stand with props;
  • hot dog stand with props;
  • tile road constructor;
  • street lamps, fences, pipes, cables, conditioning, trash bins, papers, bottles, and other props;

4. Dark City

Create your own futuristic world with a huge collection of prefabs for city building.

The pack contains over 320 prefabs:

  • Buildings
  • Streets
  • Street adding
  • Wall/fences
  • Ads
  • Particles, and more

5. Dynamic City Ambience

Add an immersive sound of the city to your project.

The pack offers a variety of dynamic layers to create your own combination of city soundscapes.

Included dynamic layers:

  • Traffic
  • Vehicles
  • Construction site
  • Crowds
  • Rain
  • Birds
  • Car crash and horns

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