Unity Digest: Realistic Forest Production

Check out 5 Unity packs for forest environments production. Collections provide a big variety of trees for all seasons and of all sizes. 

Get a pack with a huge variety of trees for your winter environment. All assets are photoscanned and highly detailed. There are also non-winter versions of the trees. The pack goes with Custom Tree Importer vegetation shaders that will help you create a believable wind effect.


  • Vegetation Studio Pro support (for Unity 2018.2.11 or newer)
  • 29 tree models: 7 birches, 8 spruces, 9 pines, 2 generic deciduous trees and 3 large bushes with snow and no snow variants, with multiple LOD levels and billboards for the final stage
  • Separate tree prefabs optimized for Vegetation Studio Pro with support for indirect instancing and dynamic snow coverage
  • 27 small ground coverage plants
  • 17 decor models such as branches, fallen logs sticks, tree stumps with snowy variants
  • 4 rocks, 7 soil banks, 2 snow mounds
  • A rustic village set including 4 houses, 2 shacks, barn, smithy, firewood pile, fences
  • Particle effects for snow, smoke, and fog
  • 8 terrain textures with 6 heightmaps for advanced blending and tessellation
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Grab a pack with 41 low-poly assets for quick production of a realistic nature scene.

This pack includes:

  • 8 maple trees
  • 2 oak trees
  • 5 Fir trees
  • 8 Bushes
  • Autumn trees: 8 maple trees, 2 oak trees, 8 Bushes
  • 3 grass textures, 5 flower textures
  • 8 Ground textures, track texture, Skybox_HD

The second volume of the pack is more expanded and includes 85 detailed prefabs.

The pack contains:

  • 9 Birch Trees
  • 13 Oak Forest Trees
  • 4 Aspen Trees
  • 2 Curved Trees
  • 2 Oak Tree Dry Big
  • 2 Dry Tree Swamp Group
  • 16 Bushes
  • 2 Swamp Lily Pink&White
  • 3 Swamp Sedge Green
  • 3 marsh bulrush Green&Dry
  • 3 Ferns
  • 2 Burdock Marsh
  • 25 Grass&Flowers Detail
  • 4 Rock Forest
  • 9 Ground Textures
  • 5 Grass Textures
  • 2 Road Textures
  • 2 Sky Boxes
  • 6 Ambient Sounds

Check out a huge pack with everything you need to create diverse and realistic vegetation for mountain landscapes. The pack has tree models of different stages, textures, shaders, and wind shading.

In our pack you will find 4 aspects:

The details:

  • Stages of trees: plant, small, medium, 2 big standalone, 2 forest trees, dead tree
  • Textures are compressed in Albedo/Alpha; Normal; Metallic/AO/Smoothness for cheaper GPU render and less memory usage: snow set (5 textures), 14 bark sets (45 textures), leaves (4 textures), 16 cross texture sets (32 textures)
  • Shaders: 2 Cross shaders (no snow, snow), 4 Bark shaders (metallic, metallic snow, specular, specular snow), 4 leaves shader (metallic, metallic snow, specular, specular snow), snow is dynamic so the tree could be covered at runtime.
  • Advanced and cheap in render wind shading


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Get a collection of ready-to-use tropical trees in hero and desktop resolutions. All models are compatible with SpeedTree 8.

  • Unlimited seasonal variations using seasons slider and curves
  • Randomization
  • Full set of PBR leaf and bark textures (2k leaf textures, 4k leaf cluster textures, and 4k bark textures)
  • Tuned wind animation
  • Defined LOD settings

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