Unity Digest: Shaders and Tools for Stylized Art

Check out 5 Unity packs with shaders for creating a cute stylized nature scene as well as with useful tools for your workflow with shaders graphs and wireframes. 

1. MK Toon - Stylized Shader

Check out a cool stylized shader from Michael Kremmel.  The shader comes with a few tools, including Mesh Utility, Ramp Creator, and Texture Channel Packer.

Key features:

  • Physically-based properties available
  • Builtin, Cel, Banded, and Ramp modes are available to customize the lighting.
  • To style lighting even further, there are three artistic modes available: Drawn, Sketch, and Hatching. Each of them can be projected onto the object in tangent space or screen space.
  • Seamlessly integrated normal mapping into the stylized lighting.
  • Approximated parallax mapping can be used to enhance normal mapping.
  • Sotropic and anisotropic speculars are possible.
  • Diffuse: Lambert (default), Oren Nayar(takes the roughness of the surface and the view angle into account.), and Minnaert ( Lighting adds some darkening limbs based on the view angle. Good for things like fabric) diffuse shading is available.
  • Two-way occlusion to control the direct and indirect light occlusion.
  • Every material can be emissive.
  • The Vertex Animation offers three generic animations, which are computed on the shaders side (no additional setup required).
  • Customize particles like the default geometry.
  • VR and AR compatible.


2. Stylized Grass Shader

Grab a shader for creating beautiful stylized grass for URP from Staggart Creations.

Key features:

  • Lush wind animations
  • Per object and per vertex color variation, breaks up visual repetition
  • Bending and flattening through trails, meshes or particle effects
  • Sun light translucency rendering
  • Color blending with terrain surface (supports tiled setups and mesh terrains)
  • Perspective correction, for optimal coverage when viewed from top-down
  • Includes several grass models and textures designed for mass placement.
  • Compatible with all URP rendering features
  • Physically-based or simple shading mode

3. Low Poly Water GPU

Create low-poly water surfaces with tools from Jolix.


  • GPU wave calculations (no CPU)
  • Customizable waves & lighting
  • Shore blending (foam)
  • Planar reflection (not in VR)
  • Light absorption
  • Shadow receiving
  • Up to 4 point lights
  • Custom water mesh
  • Optimized & tested on mobile

4. Nodes for Shader Graph

Get a pack with 14 nodes that will simplify your nodes' workflow in the shader graph.

14 Nodes:

  • SSS Color
  • SSS gradient
  • Parallax mapping
  • Parallax Mapping iterrations
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping
  • Perturbed Normals (World normal with NormalMap)
  • Fixed View Direction Tangent
  • Create Normal Channel (for individual texture channels)
  • Create Normal Float (allows to use procedural noises and stuff to create normals)
  • If Node
  • Light Direction (in Unity 2019 - only LWRP),
  • Light Attenuation (in Unity 2019 - only LWRP)
  • Range (procedural shape)
  • TilingShape (for convenient tiling shapes).
  • SSS node for Amplify shader editor
  • Light Attenuation node for Amplify shader editor (works in PBR and unlit shader for LWRP)

5. The Amazing Wireframe Shader

Check out a shader for creating beautiful wireframes fast and easy.

  • Details:
  • 100% shader effect
  • No script rendering (GL.Lines)
  • No use of second mesh/camera/material while rendering
  • No DX11 required
  • Mobile ready
  • Single shader pass
  • Single draw call
  • Quad and Triangle wireframe rendering
  • Skinned meshes - YES
  • Includes shaders for Mobile, Desktop, VR, Consoles, and WebGL
  • Various parameters for Wireframe visualization
  • Wireframe distance and dynamic fade effects
  • Tessellation and Global illumination support
  • Special Wireframe projector shader
  • Wireframe Texture Exporter tool


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