Video Guide to Sword Texturing
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by Frank
7 hours ago

Is there any way i can tweak the colors dynamically through another blueprint? I tried with the "get all actors of class" function and setting the colors of the clouds by a timeline, everything else connected to the timeline does its thing but the volumetric clouds wouldn't change. Are the properties somehow fix?

by Ronnie Ochero
10 hours ago

Hi, what version of blender does this work with?

by anonymous
15 hours ago

Yeah this is good but it doenst capture the 2d look it still looks 3d. How about copying the movement of 2d animation because this looks way too smooth. 1 example is using the classic by twos which most studios do or also use 24 fps to really capture the 2d feel

Video Guide to Sword Texturing
11 April, 2018

Aleksey Kudryavtsev shared a step-by-step guide to texturing a stone sword in Substance Painter. The 75-minute video covers the full process, and you can also apply the tricks to other surfaces and projects. The best thing is that the artist has also provided access to free assets and materials for you to learn more.  

I’ve made a 75 mins video tutorial of texturing a fantasy sword in SP 2018.1, it’s my first attempt at recording, it’s been challenging to record it in English. I also attached 4 smart materials, cracks generator, sword .obj, 4k .tiff textures, SP scene with baked maps + Marmoset scene, and I’m sharing everything for free! If you like it please support me with likes on Artstation.

Aleksey Kudryavtsev

Here’s what you’ll find inside the pack:

  • 75 minutes of video tutorial 
  • 4 smart materials 
  • .obj of the sword 
  • Substance Painter 2018.1 scene + baked maps (for practice purposes) 
  • Marmoset Toolbag 3 scene 
  • Simple rock cracks .sbs file 

You can get more details here.

Get the pack

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