3D Zephyr 4.3 Available
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San Antonio US   18, Jan — 21, Jan
London GB   21, Jan — 23, Jan
Taipei TW   24, Jan — 29, Jan
Zürich CH   31, Jan — 4, Feb
Leamington Spa GB   31, Jan — 3, Feb
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More of these please! I need some good beginner tutorial!

by Berti Hien
3 hours ago

ahahahah Luke hahaha comment of the day !

by Luke
7 hours ago

But can it run Crysis?

3D Zephyr 4.3 Available
10 December, 2018

3D Flow has revealed the latest release of 3D Zephyr, the team’s image-based modeling software. Let’s have a look at the newest version.


  • Faster processing – both the Structure from Motion and the Multiview stereo phases have been significantly improved: for the SfM phase, the bundle adjustment has been improved for dealing with very big datasets and the speedup is especially significant when using more than 500 photos during the orientation phase. As for the MvS phase, the depth map generation was the slower part of the pipeline and we have improved it a lot using novel techniques.
  • Better detail – Our multiview stereo routine has been improved in several parts and it can recover even more detail than before. Improvements have also been made in the photoconsistency algorithm, which can now deal better with thin structures.
  • Knife cut tool – You can now cut through mesh triangles using planes (or bounding box) for a much more beautiful results
  • Improved UI and new bounding box – Many tools have been reorganized for a much more efficient workflow and an even cleaner UI design – to top it off, 4.3 also features a new improved bounding box and gizmo.
  • Export self-hosted 3d model – Quickly embed your 3D model on your website using this HTML/JS exporter.
  • CUDA 10.0 – Zephyr has been upgraded to use the latest NVIDIA CUDA toolkit, 10.0. This allows to support the most recent cards. Please note that with this improvement, the support to older cards (CUDA capabilities < 3.0) has been dropped.

You can choose between 4 versions: the fully featured Aerial for $3900, Pro with GIS, CAD and Survey Tools for $2400, Lite with a 500 photo limit and GPU restrictions for, and a free version with a 50 photo limit. More details can be found here.

Source: 3dflow.net

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