3ds Max 2016 Extension 2 Available for Download
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3ds Max 2016 Extension 2 Available for Download
2 December, 2015

Autodesk had finally released Extension 2 for 3ds Max 2016. The update holds a lot of various features, including faster way to 3D print, work with text and textures. Unfortunately some people have been facing minor problems with the Extensions performance, but this is not a mass thing. You can upload the project through your account. Check out this video about the product.

Here are some of the features form the Extension 2:

  • Fundamental improvements in the Max Creation Graph (MCG). Users can animate accurate simulation data like Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) data or other data inside their 3ds Max scenes.
  • Built-in “Send To” Autodesk Print Studio button lets quickly export and 3D print any of their 3ds Max models.
  • Texture Object Mask modifier allows users to position and animate textures on an object, using other objects in the scene.
  • TextPlus feature now has the ability to use text strings and shapes to be used as a material map, creating material decals in your scene.

MCG Enhancements


Max Creation Graph (MCG) was introduced in the 2016 release as a node-based, procedural content, programming view. Now in Extension 2, the functionality and capabilities have grown with the addition of procedural MCG shapes and splines. Bitmap handling and meshing also got a boost in functionality. Another addition to MCG is the ability to import data from bitmaps and simulation data like CSV or Open VDB files that can be tracked with your scene as assets so you can animate accurate simulation data inside the scene. Finally, you can easily add buttons to your MCG tools via the signal parameter, or color pickers via the new color parameter.

Simple Simulation Data Import 


Autodesk CFD subscribers will be able to visualize their data in a whole new way with a new MCG toolset and 3ds Max features that make importing, parsing, and display of simulation data sets in 3ds Max much easier. Ideal for non-programmers, these tools can be used to animate simulation data in CFD, CSV, or OpenVDB formats. Apply render styles, CFD velocity fields, and animate airflow splines to make your data come to life while at the same time harnessing the capabilities of 3ds Max for realistic or artistic presentations.

One-Click Print Studio Access


Ready to 3D print your model, scene, or creation? With Extension 2, you can launch Autodesk’s Print Studio application directly from 3ds Max with a single click. Don’t have Print Studio on your system yet? The new functionality will alert you to its absence and help you easily install it.

Text & Shape Map


Creating text or shapes as a map in your material is simple with the new text and shape map. Users can now create decals and text-based graphics using still or animated 2D objects. Removing the “baking” step means elements can remain interactive and linked to the original objects. Font changes, content revisions, and shape updates will be reflected automatically with this new functionality. When coupled with the new TextPlus tool, the Text and Shape maps give you true creative freedom.

Texture Object Mask

Creating, placing and animating multiple materials has never been more fun, easy, and accurate with the new Texture Object Mask workflow. By combining the new Texture Object Mask map with objects in your scene, 3ds Max subscribers can quickly and accurately place and move unique textures to the destination object without worrying about material ID’s or complicated UV Mapping. From there, animating the material’s location is as simple as animating the parameters of the control object. Location, rotation, size, or any of the other defining parameters of the control object will have a direct impact on the materials it comes in contact with.

Text Tool

Speaking of TextPlus, there have been a few enhancements added for the extension 2 release. To make the search for desired fonts easier, font names are now displayed in the font itself. Generating geometry automatically disables when separating by character, word, line, or paragraph to eliminate duplicate geometry. Selecting animated tracks is now easier with offset controllers.  

Source: autodesk.com


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