A Mossy Terrarium Made in Blender & Unreal Engine 5

This project was created to test UE5's Lumen and Nanite.

Freelance 3D Artist Leo Torres, who previously made a beautiful recreation of planet Earth, has unveiled a new fantastic project titled Forest in a Bottle. This time, the artist has managed to create a mossy indoor terrarium that indeed looks like a home-grown piece of wild forest. According to the artist, this project was started a year ago to test UE5's new features like Lumen and Nanite.

This scene was made using a combination of Megascans, Sketchfab, and Blender-made assets, with Nanite used for the meshes. To create the mood, the artist used Lumen for dynamic global illumination, as well as RTX reflections and RTX translucency. The water was also made by Leo in Blender using a Dynamic Paint vertex displacement and brought into Unreal using the Alembic Geometry Cache. The entire scene is rendered on an RTX 3060.

"Over the past few months, with each iteration of this scene, I’ve tried out many different methods, workflows, techniques, and overall, gotten much better at using UE5," commented the artist. "I feel like the best way to learn very complex programs like this is just to jump in and try to make something interesting. You might (will!) fail a lot, but that in itself is a pretty important learning experience. And the next one will always be better!"

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