Astonishing Water Simulations in Houdini
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Astonishing Water Simulations in Houdini
26 November, 2018

Have a look at another astonishing simulation. Yes, this is not some footage — this is a simulation set up in Houdini by Igor Zanic

This is actually an old test where the artist was trying to use old water solver from H16.5 to get the best possible result and you have to admit that the final sequence is quite impressive.

Igor is an FX TD artist who is working on particle and dynamic effects in Houdini. The artist has worked on a number of simulations for major projects and feature films. Igor has also worked with the Bifrost Team on fluid solver development. 

With the latest version of Houdini, it is now even easier to set up such simulations. You can learn all about Banshee in our exclusive breakdown. You can also find an interview with the artist here

Make sure to discuss the simulation in the comments below. 


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