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Building a 2D Game with Unity Assets

Check out 5 Unity asset packs that can help you build your own 2D game. Whether you intend to make an isometric world or an RPG fantasy game, some of the packs might come in handy for you during the production!

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This pack will help you build isometric worlds for games. The collection includes 219 tiles in high resolution, but you can go low res and retain a high amount of details. 


  • Update 1.2 adds 140 new Tiles including shores, more transition tiles, a new stone wall, wood variations, a water block and so on.
  • With the update 1.1, you get lava tiles, various brick tiles, snow tiles, crack overlays, etc.


Check the publisher's page for more packs!

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This pack goes with various environment tiles that will help you recreate RPGs with a SNES vibe. These tiles are arranged in sheets with a 16x16 grid.

The details:

  • Grass, dirt, rock, and sand terrain with loads of variations
  • Outside tiles for forests, mountains, cliffs, and deserts
  • Animated water tiles
  • Houses, shops and castles - inside and outside!
  • A variety of dungeons: caves, mines, ruins, and temples
  • World map tiles
  • Animated doors that open and close
  • Animated traps and switches for puzzles
  • A visual guide to show how the tiles work together
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The pack consists of files that will help you achieve a beautiful hand-painted horizontal scroll game scene. The background of the scene is layered, and the elements are independent and have large\medium\low resolutions.

The resolution is 2560*1440 in Unity.

The pack goes with:

  • Editable vector files
  • 3 different resolutions of sprites
  • Prefabs
  • Example scene
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This is a collection of high-quality animated 2D coins from RainbowArt. They have 6 types, and every type of coin has a 10-frame animation.

Technical features: 

  • .PNG and .AI format of the coins
  • Illustrator Source files include all coins texture data
  • ability to build new assets.
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Here's a pack of ready-to-use animated 2D sprites for the fire effect.

The pack includes:

  • Camp Fire
  • Oil Fire
  • Strip Fire
  • Candle Flame
  • Smoky Fire
  • Torch Fire and others. 

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