CaronteFX – An Outstanding Extension for Unity
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by z35
1 hours ago

awesome :O

Don't work for me, loading freeze

by Ádám Homoki
9 hours ago

Hi! No matter which platform you buying from, the environment is included. However I encourage using the Unreal Engine's Marketplace:

CaronteFX - An Outstanding Extension for Unity
6 December, 2017

Check out a tool called CaronteFX. It is a highly integrated physically based animation tool Editor Extension for Unity (Unity 5 and Unity 2017) that gives users the necessary tools to create high-quality off-line cinematics. The thing has even been used for Adam, so let’s study its possibilities. 



CaronteFX is a great improvement in the speedy creation of animations based on physical simulations. Incredible cutscenes and high quality baked simulations triggerable by game based events provide you techniques used in AAA games.


Create complex scenes and integrate multiple elements of a different nature. You can even animate soft bodies using internal physical bones and let them interact with other objects in the scene.


Give your games a realistic and spectacular touch with elements that interact and behave as they would do in the real world. You can endow different objects with realistic properties and the complexity of their geometries is not a problem.


CaronteFX speeds up the creation of animations based on massive simulations where complex geometries can be used. Explosions and fractures geometry substitutions are crucial part of impressive special effects.

As previously mentioned, the tool has been used as one of the key technologies for the creation Adam:

CaronteFX is an unparalleled tool for simulating highly-accurate physics within the Unity editor. It’s user-friendly interface and robust library of components make the creation of the most complex and realistic destruction and cloth effects intuitive and fast. And that’s only the beginning.

Bradley Weiers, Demo Artist at Unity

You can find more details on the toolkit and buy it here

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