Gallery: Megascans LiveLink Plugin for Houdini
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Gallery: Megascans LiveLink Plugin for Houdini
20 November, 2018

Magnus Larsson has shared a collection of images and videos he created while working on the Megascans LiveLink for Houdini plugin which makes it easier to export assets from Quixel’s Bridge to Houdini. 

The plugin sets up scattering, TriPlanar shading and many other things to make an artist’s life easier. The artist has created several HDAs, a lot of Python and VEX scripts to tie it all together. “I put together the trailer as well which was a lot of fun, and the 20 or so long help document. I hope people enjoy it, and create stunning images with it.”

Let’s check out the collection below:

Wood Fairies of Sweden 

The Houdini LiveLink trailer he created for this project

A small nature scene which takes around 5-8 minutes to set up with the plugin

Wood Fairies of Sweden

Floating rocks of Iceland

“The plugin also works together with SideFX Gamedev tool ‘physics painter’ and this scene was created to test that.”


Houdini Megascans Planet Turn


You can find the full collection here

Source: ArtStation

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