Introduction to OctaneRender for Unity
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Well, small/medium intuos pro is way cheaper that iPad Pro + pencil... just saying... And it works better with ZBrush...

by some guy
10 hours ago

It might ultimately be proof of concept now, but the point of showing a low-count bounce raytracing that still looks decent especially after denoising gives us a nice roadmap on the future. Maybe given time, we will move to this as the new standard or at least a probable alternate to baked lighting.

by Nathan Ayotte
10 hours ago

Fuck you I'm stuck in some bullshit game some dickhead thought would be exciting.

Introduction to OctaneRender for Unity
1 February, 2018

Check out a quick guide from Octane Universe and Eric Keller on using OctaneRender for Unity projects. That’s just a beginner’s guide, but the tutorial might still be a good starting point.  

In this guide, OTOY VFX artist Eric Keller (10 Cloverfield Lane, Star Trek Beyond) will take you through the basics of using the OctaneRender for Unity Integration. To learn more about the integration, including how to install OctaneRender for Unity, project based guides and upcoming features, please visit the official page

Octane Universe 

You can download the Courtyard scene file from the video for free here

Source: YouTube

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