Learn Blender: One-Minute Tutorials

Check out 8 one-minute tutorials on a handful of workflows in Blender.

Blender has always been a go-to software for beginners since it's free and includes essential tools to start with. Recently, Blender has become more relevant and sufficient for professional use, too, and gets recognized by the community.

Users constantly share plenty of tricks and various workflows for any kind of art using the tool, and we decided to find a few quick, easy, and fun tutorials for Blender that will work for users with any level of experience.

In this compilation, you'll find videos from pro artists explaining how to build a city, recreate the moon, animate moths, or on how to create the hair in 5 minutes, all in Blender. Take a look!

1. Make Cities with Blender with Ian Hubert

2. Create a Realistic Moon with CGMatter

3. Creating Baby Yoda by CG Geek

4. Ian Hubert on Animating Moths in Blender

5. Creating the Tesla CyberTruck with CG Geek

6. Nightmare Men from Ian Hubert

7. Car Chase Animation by Ian Hubert

8. How to Create Hair in Blender in 5 Minutes

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