Making Fantasy Worlds with Packs from Kitbash 3D

Check out 4 packs for creating fantasy worlds from Kitbash 3D. 

Creating a whole environment with a bunch of details can be quite exhausting and time-consuming. To ease up and fasten your workflow, we’ve gathered together 4 packs with 3D assets for fantasy world creations.

In this compilation, you can find collections for mythical, steampunk, mysterious scenes with any type of character. All packs include Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, and 3ds Max native file support, and assets are customizable and work as building blocks. You can purchase packs with three types of licenses: individual, small studio, and enterprise. Use the code KB80LV to get 15% off.

1. Fairy Tale

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Create your own version of a favorite childhood fairy tale with the Fairy Tale pack. The pack includes all the essential 3D assets for the production, including exterior details and characters. Besides basic technical details, the pack goes with tileable textures and shaders.

Modeling is done by Matthew Paquin, Mike Golden worked on texturing, and the cover art is by Pablo Dominguez.

2. Wasteland

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Grab a collection of 61 assets to build an apocalyptic world. The collection includes a wide range of destroyed and abandoned vehicles, buildings, factories, and so on.

Some technical features:

  • Polycount: 2.1m
  • Non-overlapping UVs included
  • Number of PBR textures: 87

Sebastian Luca took care of the design, Jakub Vondra did modeling, Alexey HrDesign was responsible for texturing, the cover art is by Ken Fairclough.

3. Dark Fantasy

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Check out a pack for creating a mysterious kingdom with dark castles, intimidating sculptures and monuments, and more. The collection comes with assets for various characters production such as dragons, witches, knights, and other mythical creatures.

Technical details:

  • Polycount: 2.6m
  • Non-overlapping UVs included
  • Number of PBR textures: 90

Designed by Sebastian Luca, Jakub Vondra was the modeler, and textures are made by Alexey HrDesign, cover art is by Danar Worya.

4. Steampunk

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Get a pack with assets from Steampunk scene production. With the pack, you’ll get all the essential assets for sci-fi fantasy world creation. British Victorian and American Wild West styles together will help you achieve the desired look and vibe.

Sebastian Luca was responsible for the design, Jacek Smętek did modeling and texturing, the cover art is by Hyongrok Kim.

Technical details:

  • Polycount: 8.7m
  • UVs and shaders included
  • Textures are tileable

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