NatureManufacture: R.A.M River Auto Material
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NatureManufacture: R.A.M River Auto Material
1 October, 2017

NatureManufacture has revealed a new upcoming pack that will give you an ability to create rivers automatically. You just drag and drop river material into mesh and a stream is done. That’s it! Witness the magic below. 

RAM pack gives you ability to create river automatically. Shader generates few cascade type by slope of the mesh. You simply drag and drop river material into mesh and a stream is done. With all sliders and options you have full control on every river stage, you could control: specular, smoothness, speed, normal strength, tessellation strength, foam texture, shallowness, deep color, water depth and much much more. The river stream could work in every direction U, -U or V, -V of mesh UV map. Pack is compatible with road systems, world creator river systems and with direct support in upcoming senteri road system. Shader could generate styled or realistic rivers, all depends on user setup. Reflections come from reflection probes, mesh from video have only 1000 tri so you will get great effect with even LP river mesh. Asset contains ground textures with perfect height blend, best in use for our CTS terrain shader.



  • tessellated river shader
  • standard river shader
  • few river mesh examples.
  • river materials (U,V,-V, Linear,Gamma)
  • 47 (8 sets) ground textures (Albedo, Normal, AO, Height) for river and its borders 
  • set of river textures for mesh (foam, normals, cascades)
  • river works on linear and gamma rendering (you only need to change falloff slider)

It worth noting that foliage, all stone textures, scene, automatic procedural forest placement from video will be added in NatureManufacture upcoming packs (in a couple of weeks). The release is just around the corner, so stay tuned!

Source: YouTube

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Where are the instructions on how to use R.A.M? I’ve played around with it with some success, but instructions must be somewhere?