Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne Recreated With ZBrush & Substance 3D

Jake Lamb has unveiled a photorealistic depiction of the character based on his "drifter" look from the 2022 film.

Senior Character Artist Jake Lamb has recently celebrated last year's Batman movie, unveiling a photorealistic 3D recreation of the 2022 version of Bruce Wayne portrayed by iconic actor Robert Pattinson.

Inspired by the character's "drifter" look from the movie, the portrait was set up using a variety of software including ZBrush and Substance 3D Painter to nail likeness and set up the character's lifelike face, Maya and Photoshop for creating the hairstyle, and Marvellous Designer, which was used to make the outfit. Additionally, the artist utilized Unreal Engine 5 to render the model.

"I'm thrilled with how this project has turned out," commented Jake. "It's been a big development for me in terms of learning and pushing my art. I'm a huge fan of the Batman film and specifically the portrayal Robert Pattinson gave. I really wanted to capture that character as lonesome, broody, and dark."

Also, check out these behind-the-scenes shots shared by the author, if you would like to learn more about the project, we highly recommend checking out a comprehensive breakdown shared by Jake on ArtStation:

And here are some of the artist's earlier works:

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