Sinespace & Unity Collaborating on New Asset Store Program

Sinespace & Unity Collaborating on New Asset Store Program

Sinespace, a Unity Asset Store partner, is collaborating with Unity Technologies to enable Asset Store Creators to sell their content to a whole new audience.

Thousands of Unity Asset Store creators have the opportunity to sell their works directly to consumers in Sinespace, the fast-growing, free-to-play virtual world sandbox MMO, where paying users to spend an average of $22/month on in-game purchases.

Inspired by existing Asset Store merchants who have brought their content into Sinespace, such as top-selling creators Synty Studios and Dexsoft, Sinespace and Unity are enabling merchants to take their assets to a whole new level.

Coming to Unite Copenhagen? Visit Sinespace at Booth 11 to find out more. And connect with Sinespace on Twitter @Sinewavespace and on Discord.

For the first time, consumers can browse and buy 3D models and content packs made available from the Unity Asset Store, and play with them in Sinespace’s multiplayer open-world sandbox — outfits, gestures, driveable vehicles, regions, props and a host of other interactive content types.

After being accepted into the pilot program, a creator’s Asset Store content can be imported into the Sinespace in-game store, available to players as interactive in-app purchases.

Once their content starts selling in Sinespace, creators can choose PayPal or wire transfer to collect their earnings. Similar to the Unity Asset Store, creators share revenue with Sine Wave on a 70/30 basis.

Major Unity Asset Store brands already available in Sinespace include Synty Studios and Dexsoft.

Sinespace is already attracting a thriving community of talented content creators who’ve pioneered the world’s marketplace, and an active group of users who love shopping: Paying Sinespace users spend an average of $22 a month in the in-game shop.

While Sinespace has been featured in media outlets like Fast Company, VentureBeat, 80 Level, The Escapist, and UploadVR, it’s still in early beta. So this is a chance to get into the market early!

The Unity Asset Store is a business-to-business market for Unity developers in need of high-quality assets. Migrating content into the Sinespace market opens up a huge new market opportunity for creators to sell directly to their fans and gamers around the world.

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