SpeedTree 8.2: New Photogrammetry Tools
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Found it here: https://exoside.com/quadremesher/, just in case anyone else is looking for it.

The link at the end is pointing back to the article. Couldn't find the Quad Remesher and I would really love to test it.

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SpeedTree 8.2: New Photogrammetry Tools
21 January, 2019

IDV has recently released SpeedTree 8.2, the newest version of its standalone tree, plant and foliage modeling suite of tools. The new update is said to feature several new tools to make it possible to combine procedural workflows with photo scanned assets.

SpeedTree 8.2 finds a way to combine the two by letting the user extend and blend meshes and materials using new tools. The team states that the new feature “allows artists to create multiple variations of a tree using a single mesh, or blend multiple photogrammetry meshes together, and then deform or add wind to the branch levels.”

Speedtree 8.2 is available now for SpeedTree Cinema and SpeedTree Games full licensees, but not in monthly subscription licenses. The new annual (coming soon) license will cost $999 per year with a revenue cap of $1 million.

You can learn more here.

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