Spline Refiner for 3DS Max
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More of these please! I need some good beginner tutorial!

by Berti Hien
2 hours ago

ahahahah Luke hahaha comment of the day !

by Luke
7 hours ago

But can it run Crysis?

Spline Refiner for 3DS Max
9 December, 2018

Spline Dynamics has recently released Spline Refiner, a new plugin for 3DS Max that is said to subdivide splines without changing their fundamental shape. It acts by adding detail only where is needed which gives better results than either 3DS Max’s legacy Normalise Spline modifier or the new version introduced in Max 2019. 


  • Simple, user-friendly UI, thought for fast workflow.
  • Supports actions on multiple shapes simultaneously.
  • Supports shapes with modifiers applied. (Acts on base object level)
  • Equalize Subdivision: generates a uniform spline segmentation, preserving the existing vertices.
    – Segment length:  automatic calculation or based on a user input.
    – Action on multiple splines: selectively per each spline or general for all shapes.
    – Operates either on the whole spline or only on curved parts (excluding straight lines).
  •  Increase Subdivision: divide every segment in spline in 2 halves.
    – Apply the action recursively n number of times.
    – Affect the whole spline or just curved parts.
  • Optimize straight lines: delete unnecessary vertices from straight lines.
  • Convert all segments to linear.
  • Change basic curve interpolation parameters for all selected shapes.
  • ‘Show vertex ticks’ switch to better display changes on segmentation.
  • Custom ‘Undo last action’ command.
  • Revert Actions: undo all the changes made on selected shapes.
  • No plugin-dependency. Simple drag & drop installation.

The plugin, available for $15, is compatible with Max 2012 and above. You can learn more here.


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there was a sale price i believe, we’ll fix it right away

Yoeri -Luos- Vleer
Yoeri -Luos- Vleer

Actually, its 15 dollars.. not 7.50.

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