Substance Alchemist Update

Check out features of a major update of the Substance tool.

With the latest release, Substance Alchemist got a massive update that will speed up artists’ workflow in working with materials, textures, and 2D painting.

We’ve already talked about the update of the Image to Material feature with NVIDIA RTX GPU that adds AI capabilities to automatically generate albedo, normal, and displacement maps.

Besides that, the latest version of Alchemist allows artists to use textures from any sources such as, Poliigon, Quixel Megascans, ScansLibrary, Arroway to name a few. It’s also quite easy to use: just drag and drop the texture.

Now, you can create unique materials by painting in 2D. Customize them as you want with scratches, patterns, and so on. The update also includes a bunch of new content to work on textures and explore new ideas.

Meet the Substance Alchemist team and  3D artist and co-owner of Daniel Margunato on June 25 via Livestream on YouTube.

Read the full announcement of the update on the Magazine by Substance website.

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