Tutorial: Interactive Grass in Unreal
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I am very impressed! It is easy to see you are on your way to a well-deserved wonderful future.

An absolutely great read, thank you for this. Really lays a foundation on how to go about the learning process.

Hi Matthew and Mr VFX, I’m currently researching this topic of decomposing images into shading and reflectance layers. I would love to learn about what you are trying to use this for to learn more about applications for this technology.

Tutorial: Interactive Grass in Unreal
17 February, 2019

A couple of days ago, Nitrogen channel on YouTube shared an excellent tutorial on setting up interactive foliage in UE4 which might teach you a way of enhancing your games. The video will show you how to set up a material that will let you have interactive grass in UE4.

“Three months ago I made a tutorial about interactive/reactive snow. My inspiration for that video was an article from Tommy Tran. And after researching a bit it seems that Tommy also created an article about interactive grass in UE4. So I decided that today we should create this awesome interactive grass system that will perfectly work with multiple actors affecting the grass,” states the description.

Here is the previous guide on snow & mud:

One of the ways to set up interactive grass in UE4 is to bend the grass mesh through the material that it uses using the World Position Offset pin. The problem with that method is that users might encounter bugs when two actors interact with the grass. The video discusses why using particles and Render Targets is a much safer method to use interactive foliage in your game.

Make sure to discuss the tutorial in the comments below.

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