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Tutorial on Turning a 2D Painting into 3D World

Check out a cool tutorial from CG Geek showcasing the workflow for creating a 3D world based on Bob Ross’s painting using Blender and photoscans.

CG Geek released a new tutorial explaining how to create a 3D world from a 2D painting made by Bob Ross using Blender and photoscan materials. The tutorial includes the key production steps such as:

  • Using a photoscan technique to get needed textures and materials, including workflow in Meshroom and Photoshop
  • Working on the complicated vegetation texturing in Blender and creating assets
  • Building background and its materials: snow, rocks, grass
  • Water material production
  • Adding pre-made assets to the scene and working on the scene assembly

The video includes workflow footage but is sped up so having some experience in 3D art production would be beneficial in understanding the process.

Check out our YouTube and Twitch channels compilation for 3D artists and game developers to find out more tutorials and breakdowns.

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