UE4 Guide: Realistic Post-Process Techniques

UE4 Guide: Realistic Post-Process Techniques

Nitrogen has shared a new video that shows how he created his tropical island scene.

“Today’s scene got a lot of attention over Reddit and people told me they would like to watch a scene breakdown to see the process that I went through to achieve the final result. I tried to cover the most important parts of the process, or at least those that aren’t quite that easy to achieve.”

It mainly focuses on the composition of the scene, the foliage and managing assets. The artist has also discussed how Nitrogen achieved depth in the scene using fog and clouds and how he got his final post-process settings. The goal here was to set up a photorealistic, and though there are some problems with realism, it is still an amazing scene.

Tropical Island Environment by Anil Isbilir

Ray-Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows

How to achieve realistic results:

Don’t forget to discuss the breakdown in the comments.

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    UE4 Guide: Realistic Post-Process Techniques