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Unity Digest: Adding Animation & Improving Visuals

In today's collection, find three animation packs for different types of movements, an anti-aliasing solution, and a tool for reflections.

Runner Action Animation Pack

Runner Action Animation Pack includes 150 different key animations for different types of actions such as movement, escape, jump, attack, collision, and wall run. The majority of the animations have both root and in-place motion (in total, there are 198 root motions and 258 in-place motions in the pack). If you're working on an action game, there's practically everything you need to set up the dynamic movements.

Climbing System

Climbing System is another package for action games that helps with setting up character movements. In this pack, you will find such abilities as climbing, clumb jumps, stepping up, vaulting, strafing, crouching, rolling, wall running, and crawling. The abilities work for humanoid characters and have IK for hands and feet. Plus, they are suitable for mobile games.

Third Person Builder

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Need more abilities in your actions game? Third Person Builder might help with adding different building actions such as building barricaded, traps, explosive mines, and automatic turrets. You can also create custom builders with included animations, particles, and sounds effects. 


CTAA NXT V2 Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing

CTAA NXT V2 is an upgraded anti-aliasing solution for Unity that lets you achieve cinematic-quality visuals in real-time. With it, you can remove aliasing from specular highlights, avoid unwanted pixel flickering, dark outline anomalies, and other issues that prevent the picture from being perfect. With custom layer selection, you can apply the effect to the whole scene or selected objects. The process is temporal which means that new pixel data is gathered from past and extrapolated future frames for final re-construction based on velocity information.

PIDI: Planar Reflections 3 

For even better visuals, use PIDI that allows you to add mixed static and real-time reflections retaining high performance. The reflections can be adjusted through such parameters as frequency, resolution, drawing distances, and others, while clipping projections provide control over reflection's behavior. In the package, you'll also find PBR, Unlit, and Water shaders as well as the full source code.

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