Unity Digest: Animation Packs

Check 5 awesome packs that can help you work on different animation modes: locomotion, emotions, dancing, and fighting.

The pack includes humanoid locomotion animations as well as some emotions and other actions. 

The animation modes include: 

  • 2 idle modes with transitions
  • falling
  • run & sprint
  • walk
  • swimming
  • talk
  • clap, hand wave, and cheer.

The pack is compatible with Mecanim, an animation system in Unity. 

Download the free version here. 

The characters that come with the pack are suitable for game prototyping. The man and woman have different poses essential for highlighting the difference between femininity and masculinity.

The collection includes: 

  • 2 realistic ideal characters (Adam and Eva).
  • 170 animation clips for each character: run, walk, jump 
  • Diffuse, normals and specular 2048X2048, 1024x1024 TIF textures.

The model has 87 motions: 

  • 6 Combo Set
  • 5 Skill 
  • 5 Single Attack
  • 1 Air Combo
  • 1 Running Attack
  • 8 WayRun

It’s compatible with Maximo characters.

Check out the YouTube channel to see more videos. 

The pack has 120 motion-captured character animations with sword and shield.  

The pack has the following motions: 

  • walking 
  • running
  • attacks
  • parrys, blocks
  • hits
  • counters
  • deaths
  • knockdowns
  • falling
  • jumping (platformer style)
  • getting up
  • equip/unequip sword

The dummy character, sword, and shield models are included. The pack also contains two-sword fighting game templates with "drag and drop" player and enemy controllers, made in PlayMaker visual scripting plugin in Unity. You need PlayMaker for the controller to work. 

Animations are compatible with other Kubold's animation packs. For more info and tutorials visit Kubold's home page.

Check out the largest pack with motion-captured dance animations. This package contains a collection of 60 FBX animations for a bipedal humanoid character performing various dance moves.

The collection is compatible with Morro Motion's other packages and Unity's Mecanim.

All animations are made for the Unity Game Engine.

If you want to learn more about animation and its production, check out this breakdown by Myles Yeo, where he shared his approach to creating Devil Leonardo.

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