Unity Packs: Adding Water into Games

Check out 5 Unity packs with tools, systems, and shaders for water production and simulation in games. 

Check out the advanced, feature-rich ocean system for PC and console games from Wave Harmonic.


  • Simulated light transport including reflection, refraction, scattering, caustics approximation, shadowing
  • Completely dynamic wave shape with innovative 'equalizer' style wave authoring
  • Shallow water - light scattering and wave attenuation
  • Underwater with partial submersion
  • Dynamic object-water interaction
  • Foam simulated from waves and shorelines
  • Flow to enable horizontal motion of water volume
  • Physics interface with simplistic buoyancy implementations and support for Dynamic Water Physics 2

Crest Ocean System HDRP is an early release and has a discounted price that will grow with new features added in the future.

The basic features are the same as with URP version. Here are some extra details:

  • Underwater with partial submersion (rewritten as post-processing effect for HDRP)
  • Shadowing - specular shadowing only so far. Crest HDRP does not yet support the soft shadow term that the other versions of Crest have.

The sound pack with AAA-quality sound effects for video games.

The pack includes two categories:

  • big wave loop
  • small wave loop


Some technical details of the pack:

  • Files: 10 file
  • Format: WAV 48k 24bit
  • Size: 87.8 mb

Go grab this awesome stylized fast water pack. The parameters allow to control:

  • foam
  • water depth
  • transparency depth
  • wave velocity
  • wave height
  • color depth and the color of the water


The pack works in Amplify Shader Editor and supports LWRP and HDRP (works only for Unity 2018.2 or higher).

This tool will be helpful if you are working on a 2D game and want to make it more dynamic and engaging. The tool enables creating puzzles and obstacles for the players with water.

GPU Based Ripple Water:

  • Ripple waves simulation.
  • Dynamic water size with no ripple stretching.
  • Ambient waves.
  • Dynamic obstructions.
  • Texture obstructions.
  • Create texture obstructions inside Unity.
  • Ripple sources.
  • Rain simulation.
  • Large water areas.
  • Height animation.
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This stylized pack is focused on giving artistic freedom and is highly customizable. You can create depth using color fields or gradient color.


  • Custom inspector, intuitively designed
  • Single-Pass Stereo Rendering support
  • Intersection effect with other objects
  • Surface foam
  • Orthographic camera support
  • Advanced and Simple lighting modes
  • Refraction (Desktop only)
  • Planar reflections with blurring (Desktop only, excl VR)
  • Shadow transmission from Directional Light
  • Shallow wave animation (GPU)
  • 8 normal map styles
  • 7 intersection styles
  • 5 wave heightmaps
  • UV-based tiling or World-space (endless water)
  • Tiling reduction (Desktop)
  • Color gradient feature
  • Can set the water level for Vegetation Studio/Pro

If you are interested in the production of this product, check out these two articles by Jonathan van Immerzeel who talked about his stylized shader and shared some tech details on how to create scenes in Unity.

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