Photogrammetry Workflow for Surface Scanning
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by Captain Jack
48 min ago

Nice sharing!

this is so cool! as someone who doesn't really understand the process of making simulations, i liked the explanations and it makes me appreciate the amount of work and creativity that's involved in making them.

Godot forever s2

Photogrammetry Workflow for Surface Scanning
29 March, 2019

Grzegorz Baran has recently shared a very detailed video tutorial on PBR environment material creation using photogrammetry. It includes the entire photogrammetry workflow using the example of sand. To find more photogrammetry guides and support the artist make sure to check his Gumroad.

What’s covered:

  • surface capture in tough lighting conditions
  • photoediting for photogrammetry in Photolab
  • photogrammetry reconstruction in Metashape
  • building lowpoly model for baking in ZBrush
  • PBR maps baking in Substance Designer
  • seam removal and tiling in Artomatix with help of AI
  • ambient occlusion shadow removal and roughness tweaks in Substance Designer
  • checking the final result in Marmoset Toolbag 3

Simple River Stones by Stan Brown is a procedural material for your environments fully made in Substance Designer. The package includes a fully commented and organized graph for study and customization.

Any future updates are included and will be available for download in case they are released.

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