Megascans Digest: Icelandic Nature

Megascans Digest: Icelandic Nature

This time, we looked through a truly captivating Iceland Collection in Quixel Megascan Library and chose 5 assets that caught our attention. Take a look!

Iceland is one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful places on Earth, right? The combination of ocean, fjords, beaches with the black sand, greenish valleys, and cooled down lava creates a very calm, peaceful and magnificent atmosphere.

Recreate Icelandic nature in 3D can be quite exciting as you get a good chance to work on materials, organic surfaces, and lighting. If you are planning to do something like this, we suggest checking the breakdown of "Honouring the Gods" scene by Lorenzo Trionfante. He managed to create s majestic environment and shared his workflow. 

If you want to work fast but don't want your scene to lack realism, check these 5 awesome materials and assets from Quixel's collection that can help you recreate authentic features of Icelandic nature. 

Black sharp rock with a little bit of the ash tone and cut edges will work best if you want to recreate fjords not covered with snow and ice yet. The rough surface reminds of cooled down lava that was there for ages and got deformed by water and wind over the years. 

Iceland has plenty of beaches which are some of the most attended places in the country. And that's understandable: just imagine loose, almost wild beaches with black volcanic sand mixed together with the beige one. Wouldn't you want to have a walk there?

These rocks are covered with sand and have an interesting striped texture. They, for sure, would work great if you plan to work on a beach scene. 

Glaciers cover the highland area, fjords, and volcanoes of Iceland, so this particular material can be quite useful. It's also pretty generic and there shouldn't be a problem to adjust it to any other surface covered with snow.

Be careful with this lava cliff! The scale is really huge, so it can be used as the background. Iceland is known for its active volcanos, so the cliff will look believable in the scene. It has cracks, chipped parts and a little bit of moss. 

Tall trees and a lot of vegetation isn't a common feature of the nordic nature, but the moss is pretty much everywhere. If you want to create greenish valleys, villages or fields, you can definitely work with this asset. 

You can also go through the whole Iceland collection if you want to see more!

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    Megascand Digest: Icelandic Nature