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A Spooky 3D Environment Inspired by Silent Hill 4 The Room

Everything you see in the room was created by the author from scratch.

Maxim Dorokhov, a seasoned 3D Artist at BlueTwelve Studio known for his prior contributions to projects like Stray and Epic Games' The Matrix Awakens tech demo, has recently unveiled The Room, an eerie 3D environment created as a personal project.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the scene was primarily inspired by Konami's 2004 survival horror game Silent Hill 4: The Room, with the creator depicting a nearly 1-to-1 copy of the game's Room 302, where protagonist Henry Townshend finds himself trapped.

According to the author, everything you see in the apartment was made by hand using ZBrush, 3ds Max, RizomUV, Substance 3D Painter/Designer, and Marmoset Toolbag. Additionally, the artist utilized the Megascans library's assets to set up the trees seen behind the window.

"This is a project I started in 2018 but soon abandoned," commented the creator. "After the release of UE5 with the new Lumen lighting system, I felt motivated to finish it, and now, after working on it for the last couple of months, I can finally call it done."

"When SH4: The Room was first released I saw it as a visual masterpiece, and it was one of the games that inspired me to get into 3D graphics. The visuals of the original game still look great, and I hope I've managed to capture some of its atmosphere."

If you'd like to learn more about Maxim, we highly recommend checking out our interview with the artist, where he shared a full breakdown of his Wild West Challenge submission, detailing how he created modular assets, effects, master materials, and smaller tricks, which helped him to build the scene.

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