Animated Recursive Subdivision in Houdini Using VEX
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Amazing work. I would really appriciate if you post a tutorial about that ornament. Thanks

by Yes
11 hours ago

Gabe is amazing and im happy to have him basicaly be the face of gaming. If you have something against him reply to this, i would love to discus

by Kai Marshall
1 days ago

Awesome! So proud of you!!! <3

Animated Recursive Subdivision in Houdini Using VEX
29 January, 2019

Looking for an advanced guide on Houdini. Have a look at an excellent new video tutorial by Matt Taylor that will help you set up different cool slidey grid things.

“In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create these sliding Mondrian-esque grid subdivisions in Houdini, using VEX and for loops,” states the tutorial. Basically, the guide once again shows that the tool’s possibilities are limitless as you can generate almost anything. The thing here, though, is that tasks might be quite difficult sometimes.

You can join a discussion with the artist to learn more and ask questions here. Make sure to discuss the guide in the comments below.

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