Elden Ring-Inspired 3D Environment Based on a Real-Life Location

Jonathon Gregory Bick revealed a previously unseen installment to the Hinterlands series.

Senior Environment Artist at Rockstar Games Jonathon Gregory Bick, who unveiled a collection of marvelous 3D concepts a couple of weeks ago, has recently shared a new ArtStation post, providing one more update on the Hinterlands the artist's personal series of 3D environments inspired by Dark Souls and Elden Ring.

Depicting a breathtaking mountainous region with mysterious forests and an ominous castle, the newly unveiled concepts combine the natural beauty of England and Scotland, drawing inspiration from the latter's Highlands and using the LiDAR scan data of the former's Scafell Pike, which was brought into Unreal Engine 5 as a Height Map to create the landscape.

According to Jonathon, the demonstrated concepts were created some time ago but hadn't been publicly revealed until now. Besides UE5, the author also utilized Houdini, Substance 3D Designer, ZBrush, Maya, SpeedTree, Quixel Bridge, and Megascans.

Other useful maps were used to texture the landscape procedurally such as Flow, Ambient Occlusion, Slope, and other custom maps I made with Houdini's HeightField tools," commented the creator. "Tree and shrub placement is using Unreal's procedural foliage tool. The grass was handled with Unreal's landscape grass type. This was made before PCG was a thing, would go back and use that now for this."

And here are some behind-the-scenes shots shared by the artist:

Also, check out the earlier projects in the Hinterlands series:

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