Black Qualls Cave: Making Vegetation in SpeedTree and Substance Tools

Philip Purol discussed his UE4 environment Black Qualls Cave: blockout and organic composition, vegetation workflow, texturing in Substance Designer and Alchemist, lighting, and more.


Philip Purol

Published on

Jan 25, 2021

The Tree of Life: Creating an Organic Scene in UE4 & SpeedTree

Muhammad Omar discussed his approach to vegetation, scene assembly, lighting, and particles in the project The Tree of Life and shared a few helpful free tutorials and lessons he has learned along the way.


Muhammad Omar

Published on

Jul 29, 2020

Reusable Assets and Vegetation Workflow for Games

Billy Matjiunis from Ubisoft Toronto discussed his career path, talked about the team's approach to creating and organizing reusable assets for the Far Cry franchise and shared his workflow for vegetation production.


Billy Matjiunis

Published on

Apr 09, 2020

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