RayFire 1.83 for 3ds Max Available

RayFire 1.83 for 3ds Max Available

RayFire 1.83 for 3ds Max has been released.

RayFire 1.83 for 3ds Max has been released. The latest version brings Interactive Demolition support for New Dynamic Simulation Workflow. The team has also optimized other features, so the tool is now faster and more stable.

Other features:

  • Shatter modifier. Tetrahedron-based damaging and fragmentation modifier.
  • Advanced dynamic simulation workflow based on Bullet object and Rigid modifier. New dynamic simulation workflow allows you to set up your simulation much faster, easier and in a more intuitive way.
  • Advanced Bricks modifier. Allows to fragment geometry into bricks and provides a wide variety of options to control bricks layout.
  • RayFire Voronoi modifier allows you to interactively fragment objects to voronoi fragments.
  • Advanced Slice modifier with all features you may need.
  • RayFire Clusters modifier allows you to group fragments into more complex clusters.
  • RayFire Voxel modifier allows you to create voxels using geometry volume.
  • Special RayFire Bomb helper for creating all kinds of explosions.

You can learn more here.

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    RayFire 1.83 for 3ds Max Available