Stylized Planks with Mixer: Procedural Preview
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Stylized Planks with Mixer: Procedural Preview
4 February, 2019

Quixel has shared a new short tutorial by Wiktor Öhman that shows how you can create a stylized planks material using Mixer.

Quixel Mixer is now FREE while in Beta. Check out Quixel’s Wiktor Öhman create these stylized planks in minutes, and get a preview into the new, upcoming Quixel Mixer features,” states the description.

Yeah, you’ve probably already heard it, but we want to emphasize it again that the beta version of Quixel Mixer has become free recently, so it’s your perfect chance to dive into creating complex materials.

You can learn more about the recent news here. Discuss the guide in the comments below.

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