Using Datasmith Plugin for Exporting a Scene into Unreal Engine

Arch Point Design House shared a few tips on how to work with objects of the scene before exporting it from 3Ds Max to Unreal Engine without losing the quality.

Arch Point Design House released a sneak peek of its approach to working with a big scene and how to export from 3Ds Max to Unreal Engine using Datasmith Plugin. The sneak peek includes 2 important tips to do before export:

  • Detaching every object to smaller parts makes big impacts with the low lightmap resolution value.
  • Check all materials and make sure that every object has at least one texture in any material map. If the object doesn’t have any texture or material map, add UVW map to it.

The lighting was exported from 3Ds Max file and adjusted later.

Visit the Arch Point Design House website to find more information on services and projects.

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