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The Best Stock Footage for Visual Effects

ActionVFX provides the best stock footage elements for professional Visual Effects. With its ever-growing assortment of VFX assets, ActionVFX is the final destination for high-quality stock footage.

Every product the team releases is built from the ground up, with post-production in the forefront of their minds. Every clip should stay in frame, be properly exposed, and be of the highest possible quality, with no exceptions or cutting corners. 


The ActionVFX library has everything you’d expect, like smoke, fire, and explosions. It also includes subtle effects critical to believable compositing, like rain, atmospherics, and surface imperfections. Shot on RED cameras at 4K, all assets are properly exposed and most never break frame.

The assets available in the ActionVFX library are pre-keyed and ready to be dropped into Adobe After Effects, The Foundry’s Nuke, and most other popular compositors, editors, or 3D applications. So no matter where you’re working, and no matter what your VFX workflow, you’ll have access to the world’s largest and best VFX assets available.

Subscribe to AVFX+ for the most cost-effective way to access our VFX assets. With its flexible subscription service, you get instant access to thousands of VFX assets. Plus, AVFX+ subscribers enjoy up to 40% off all a la carte assets and collections that are not included with your subscription tier. 

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Upgrade your toolkit with powerful rendering servers from Ranch Computing, access to the largest library of premium visual effects and models from ActionVFX, tools from Rizom-Lab and Marmoset, SpaceMouse and accessories from 3Dconnexion.

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COO of ActionVFX Luke Thompson and CEO of Undertone FX David Johnson have told us about the enormous fire VFX pack for Unreal and Unity, discussed the development process, and shared some knowledge about optimization.

Ultimate Fire Pack Vol 1. for Unreal Engine Released

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More than 650 clips for crowd replication.

Free Lightning Stock Footage Available

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Hi-End Stock Footage Library for VFX Production

ActionVFX is the team that creates effects and VFX assets helping thousands of filmmakers and VFX artists worldwide. Their effects will blow you away!

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