A Post-Apocalyptic Desert Scene Made in Unreal Engine 5

The artist utilized UE5's modeling tools to create this cool environment.

3D Artist Noah Baumann has unveiled Rock Bottom, a stunning desert environment with tons of little details and strong post-apocalyptic vibes. The scene depicts a small desert town centered around the carcass of a destroyed boat and is based on a concept by 2D Artist Cupoi.

According to the creator, the scene was made using UE5's new modeling tools. The rock assets came from Megascans and the foliage is from Epic Games' Rural Australia Pack for Unreal, the rest of the assets were hand-made by Noah using Maya, ZBrush, and Substance 3D Painter. The environment was rendered and lit in Unreal Engine 5. Here are some of the renders shared by the artist:

And here's the concept this environment is based on:

Noah has also shared a WiP GIF that demonstrates how this scene was made step-by-step:

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