Breakdown: Zero Leagues in UE4 & SD

Breakdown: Zero Leagues in UE4 & SD

Tristan Meere allowed us to repost his breakdown of some of the techniques that he used while he was working on Zero Leagues environment.

The artist explained the moss that is based on a breakdown that Naughty Dog did on their moss shader for Uncharted 4. “The shader tries to move accurately represent the surface of moss using microfiber shading, AO fresnel, light wrapping, and other techniques. Ultimately it is missing a fuzzy BRDF but that proved to be beyond the scope of what I wanted to accomplish with the shader,” states the artist. 

Let’s study the breakdown below:

The primary material for layering moss onto rocks

Here are some final shots:

The breakdown was originally published on ArtStation.

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  • fearian

    This is almost a parody of an 80lv article.

    I would be interested to know what people gleaned from these blurry tiny graphs, and more interested to know what extra information can be taken away from seeing it reposted here with no discussion or review of the content. Am I crazy?



    ·a year ago·
  • gozu

    Thanks for that, scene looks great, love the colors :)



    ·a year ago·

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Breakdown: Zero Leagues in UE4 & SD