Elden Ring-Style Abandoned Abbey Set Up in Unreal Engine 5

Jonathon Gregory Bick showcased a new 3D environment created as part of the Hinterlands series.

Environment Artist at Rockstar Games Jonathon Gregory Bick continues the Hinterlands series, a collection of gorgeous 3D environments with strong Dark Souls and Elden Ring-like vibes, with yet another marvelous piece.

Expanding the lore and world of Hinterlands, the artist unveiled Phantom Abbey, a detailed scene that depicts an old and decrepit ruined priory with sorrowful ghosts wandering its long-abandoned halls. According to the author, the environment was set up in Unreal Engine 5 using Maya, ZBrush, Substance 3D Designer, Marvelous Designer, Marmoset Toolbag, SpeedTree, and DaVinci Resolve.

And here's a piece of lore behind the environment:

"Among the ruins of the Abbey lies the remains of the Dierrdeck Departed Company, once an infamous band of mercenaries who were exiled from their homeland because of their cursed souls, all hope appeared lost until an old shaman led the company to the Urbane Abbey convincing them the mysterious Sword of Urbane could lift their curse. However, the Shaman tricked them, and the soldiers were driven mad, turning on each other, then in death would be trapped among the ruins, longing to return home, a home they will never see again.

Ser Hewe wanders Urbanes Abbey where there is said to be a sword that can cleanse the soul of any curse by transferring it to one's own being, alas Sir Hewe would do anything to cure his dear Priestesses illness, even if it meant sullying his knights' honor."

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