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Fantastic VR World inside Your Wall

Tim Roberts opened a magical door in mixed reality.

Technical artist and AR creator Tim Roberts has hidden a whole cartoonish VR world in his wall using Quest 3's mixed reality, stencil shaders, and occlusion materials. Just put on an AR headset, open a tiny door, and jump into a fantasy town filled with adorable citizens. If you wave at them, they wave back – imagine what else you could set up!

"After I got a functional window world setup I really wanted to be able to go into the world but unfortunately, there is a very real wall in the way and I'm too big to fit into the box. That's where the magic of spatial computing comes in, as long as you can bend your mind in the right way, you can bend reality to match it. Teleporting into this tiny world really feels like the first time I jumped into a painting while playing Super Mario 64."

The textures for the project were taken from Poly Haven while everything else was created by Roberts with Blender, Unity, Meta SDK, and C#.

This is just an example of what mixed reality is capable of. "Imagine having a window that overlooks your Cities Skylines build or the view from one of your favorite Minecraft bases and being able to pop into it at any time!" said Roberts. 

He has some other projects for display on LinkedIn, no less impressive than this one.

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